We’ll Get Your High School Student Into Medical School

Every year, medical schools allow the brightest high school students in the nation to apply for their combined BS/MD programs.

This uber competitive process has a cut-throat 5% acceptance rate. Accepted students are guaranteed a spot in medical school straight out of high school.

National BS/MD Applicant Success Rate: 5%
Premed HQ’s Client Success Rate: 93%

Premed HQ has turned this 5% acceptance rate process, into a 93% acceptance-rate science for our clients.

We Have Been Leading the BS/MD Admissions Prep Industry for the Past Five Years

We take pride in providing both exceptional admissions results, and also a high-quality custom experience for every one of our clients. Here are our results from this most recent application cycle.

Satisfaction Rating

For Our Head Coaches

Success Rate

For 2016/17 Cycle

BS/MD Acceptances

For 2016/17 Cycle

Average Scholarships

Per BS/MD Applicant (Avg)

Which BS/MD programs did we get our clients into? Take a look!

  • U of Alabama

  • Albany Medical College

  • Augusta University

  • Baylor University

  • Boston University

  • Brown University

  • Case Western U

  • California Northstate U

  • U of Connecticut

  • Drexel University

  • George Washington U

  • Hofstra University

  • U of Illinois – Chicago

  • U of Kentucky

  • Mercer University

  • U of Missouri – Kansas City

  • U of Nevada


  • Northwestern University

  • New Jersey Medical School

  • Penn State

  • U of Pittsburgh

  • U of Rochester

  • St Louis University

  • Stony Brook

  • SUNY Downstate

  • Temple University

  • Texas A & M

  • U of Houston/UTMB

  • UT Galveston

  • Washington U – St. Louis

  • Virginia Commonwealth U

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When Should You Start Preparing for BS/MD Programs?

We start working with students at every grade level. The earlier you start, the better the results.

9th & 10th

Start your prep process early to ensure that we can perfect every aspect of your BS/MD journey and plan out every detail of your next 3-4 years.

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11th Grade

During this crucial year, we focus on selecting schools, finalizing your global health project, and writing a bulk of the several dozen essays and applications.

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12th Grade

We will create an application game-plan, monitor deadlines, perfect your applications, fine-polish every essay, and turn you into an interviewing champion.

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Here’s the Industry-Leading Team of Experts that Will Be Your Bridge from High School to Medical School

For the ultra-competitive BS/MD process, we have assembled the nation’s premier coaching team to make you the strongest candidate. Meet some of our head coaches:

Abhishek Kumar

UCSD School of Medicine

Who Is Abhishek

Abhishek graduated from Duke University with a triple major in biomedical engineering, chemistry, and biology. In addition to being a published scientific author, Abhishek has a few years of experience working in data analytics specifically in the health care business sector.

At UC San Diego School of Medicine, Abhishek has been elected class president and through his role he often collaborates with the administration to address the academic, professional, and social interests of his classmates. Abhishek has privately tutored MCAT material to over 40 students and has hundreds of hours of essay editing experience. Abhishek will provide you honest and actionable advice to improve your essays, resume, and interview skills.

Shad Chowdhury

Founder of Premed HQ

Who Is Shad

With seven years of B.S./M.D. coaching experience, Shad turned the art of B.S./M.D. admissions into a science. In high school, he had a GPA that barely met the B.S./M.D program requirements, so he developed his own strategies to stand out. Shad successfully went through the B.S./M.D. admissions process with the Drew/Rutgers B.S./M.D program.  He has perfected his strategies over the years while helping numerous high school students gain their own acceptance letters to B.S./M.D programs.

Shad has insight into the medical field that is particularly beneficial to BS/MD candidates, including work with medically underserved communities. His medical research has been presented at medical conferences and he has publications in prestigious medical journals CHEST, American College of Physicians, and the American Thoracic Society.

Sameen Meshkin


Ben Ostrander

Johns Hopkins

Nura K

University of Arizona

Brandon Kuang

UCLA David Geffen

We consistently maximize our clients’ chances of success every application cycle because we have an entire team working with each applicant. Here’s a look at who is involved in your student’s success:

Why is Premed HQ the Best Choice for BS/MD Coaching?

Here are the four reasons that make Premed HQ the #1 BS/MD admissions coaching solution for your child.


Let’s Get Your Child Into Medical School

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