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  • UC San Diego School of Medicine
  • University of California San Diego
    • BS/MD Medical Scholar

Abe is currently a 3rd year undergraduate in the B.S./M.D. program at UC San Diego. While maintaining an outstanding GPA and scoring well on standardized tests, he has pursued medicine outside of the traditional classroom setting, including clinical and research exposure through programs at UC Irvine, UPenn, and Stanford. He is innately service-driven, applying his history with NJROTC, ASB, suicide prevention organizations, and the YMCA to make a positive difference in the communities around him. Most recently, he has worked with an on-campus premed organization to provide his peers with ample opportunities to gain a perspective on the current medical field and what it has to offer.

On top of using his individual experiences to guide aspiring high school students through the B.S./M.D. application process, Abe seeks to empower these students to bring out the best versions of themselves through dedicated, intimate coaching. As he builds individualized application profiles and crafts standout essays with his mentees, Abe also strives to help them grasp and refine their self-identity, with the confidence that these personal insights will last far into their B.S./M.D. endeavors.

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