Dr. Shaan Mehta, MD

Dr. Shaan Mehta, MD

  • University of South Florida, Residency
  • Northeast Ohio College of Medicine, MD Degree
    • 2+4 BS/MD program
  • Youngstown State University, Bachelor of Science

When Dr. Mehta found out about the wonderful opportunities at PremedHQ, he couldn’t wait to begin the process of grooming future physicians. He had the unique opportunity of attending one of the nation’s few 6-year combined BS/MD programs at Northeast Ohio Medical University. He began his journey at Youngstown State University where he completed his Bachelor of Science in only 2 years’ time and graduated Magna Cum Laude. While in undergraduate, he even formulated a public health policy to help decrease smoking rates in his city and presented it to his local government legislature. Dr. Mehta then began medical school at the age of 20 at Northeast Ohio College of Medicine where he was actively involved in his local community, taking part in numerous service events with a focus on primary care to our underserved. One of his most rewarding experiences involved the opportunity to work in a government hospital in Lucknow, India where he truly realized his dream to provide quality medical care to those underserved and impoverished.

Dr. Mehta chose to pursue a career in primary care and matched at the University of South Florida in the specialty of Family Medicine. During his time in residency, he has been active in the field of Sports Medicine, covering several sporting events in the local communities. This spring, he will be presenting a case report on Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia at the Florida Academy of Family Physicians conference. His plans after residency include the pursuit of a Sports Medicine Fellowship and eventually providing full spectrum primary care with an emphasis on Sports Medicine. Through Dr. Mehta’s experiences in life and medicine, he offers a wealth of knowledge and advice to other future physicians. You will see his passion firsthand as he is thrilled to be a part of the PremedHQ team.

Dr. Mehta is an avid traveler and can never get enough of trying all the local cuisines. In his free time, he enjoys the lovely beaches of Tampa, Florida.

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