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  • Boston University School of Medicine
  • Boston University
    • Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education

Shriya Reddy is a medical student at Boston University School of Medicine through the Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education track. Her background as a successful applicant to several BS/BA/MD programs, as well as top-tier traditional undergraduate institutions, has given her the necessary experience to counsel bright, ambitious high school students through the direct med application process. 

As a medical student, Shriya has actively pursued her academic interests, conducting research in Boston Medical Center’s Department of Thoracic Surgery to improve post-operative patient outcomes, as well as in the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute to help construct patient-specific computational models of vascular devices. In addition, she has demonstrated her passion for student wellness and healthcare advocacy through her positions as an admissions representative, American Medical Student Association, and Surgical Society leader. She is very excited for the opportunity to share her insights with prospective healthcare professionals. 

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