Dr. Tyler Werbel, MD

Dr. Tyler Werbel, MD

  • University of California San Diego School of Medicine
  • University of Florida

Tyler is a current medical student at the University of California San Diego. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida with a double major in Biochemistry & Immunology and Economics. He focused his senior thesis research on developing a novel patented cancer immunotherapy, resulting in publication. He simultaneously completed a Master’s in Finance, focusing his studies on health economics and decision theory. During his undergraduate career, he spent a significant amount of time working as an emergency room scribe and volunteering at a local hospice, solidifying his decision to go into medicine.

At UCSD School of Medicine, Tyler has continued to explore his research interests in a wide variety of fields, including pulmonology, oncology, and dermatology. He has published his work in multiple journals and has presented at several conferences over the past few years. In addition, he has published numerous online book chapters as a contributing writer for the clinical decision support software company, VisualDx.

Over the years, Tyler has become passionate about education and mentorship, serving as a tutor and advisor throughout high school and college. He is excited to continue helping students pursue their ambitions with Premed HQ.

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