The PremedHQ Guide

How do I get into a BS/MD program? What exactly is a BS/MD program? Should I go to a BS/MD program or pursue the traditional route? In pursuit of our mission to expand access to the medical field, our coaches have created The PremedHQ Guide, a free resource portal containing numerous articles to help prospective students interested in the medical field. We aim to increase awareness surrounding medicine, and BS/MD programs in particular, while improving education and training for our future colleagues. If you’d like to find out more or learn how to put these recommendations into practice, call us at (888)-350-5592, or schedule a free consultation today!

BS/MD Introduction

What Are BS/MD Programs?

How to Succeed as a Student During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Do I Get Into a BS/MD Program?

PremedHQ Coaches Insight

BS/MD Programs

Complete List of BS/MD Programs

Top 9 BS/MD Programs

BS/MD Programs for Texas Residents

7 Year Accelerated BS/MD Programs

What Are Direct Entry and Guaranteed Admissions Programs?

BS/MD Essays

List of BS/MD Essay Topics

Tips for Writing the “Why Medicine” BS/MD  Essay

BS/MD Interviews

What Are BS/MD Interviews?

Research these Things Prior to Your Interviews

6 Prep Tips for BS/MD Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

List of BS/MD Interview Questions

Academics and Standardized Exams

The PremedHQ Guide to SAT Prep Success

SAT Subject Test Guide for BS/MD Applicants

MCAT Prep (PremedHQ Science Academy)

Clinical and Extracurricular Experiences

How to Choose Extracurricular Activities

The Four Core BS/MD Activities

BS/MD Student Summer Programs

How to Find Research Opportunities

Being a Stellar Research Lab Member